Classroom Innovation Despite Constraints

Are you interested in building a sustained culture of classroom innovation? Then let’s set up a time to discuss my approach to teacher creativity and how it can increase teacher agency using technology, support long-term professional learning, and address issues of equity and inclusion at your school.

Teacher Creativity

Teacher creativity is used to select and develop technological solutions for impact, equity, and long-term professional growth.

Matthew Worwood

I’m an education development specialist committed to classroom innovation using Design Thinking, Creativity, and Digital Media.

I am a professor of Digital Media Design, with a research focus on Design Thinking, Creativity, and Education Technology. I co-host the Fueling Creativity in Education podcast, blog at, and have almost two decades of experience developing new innovative programs across the grades. 

I offer education services to support program design, professional development, and creative technology integration. I also speak on the topics of  the future creative, media literacy, parenting for creativity, AI, and teacher creativity for impact, equity, and professional growth.


Professional Development

The Marshmallow Challenge

My most favored discussion around the Marshmallow Challenge centers on working with constraints and teaching teachers to think inside the box (the classroom).

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Generative AI

Think like a Futurist

Collaboration with AI will likely require multiple domains of knowledge and further increase the need for higher-order thinking, particularly when it comes to creative and critical thinking.

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Listen & Learn

The Fueling Creativity in Education podcast has captured over 200 tips from renowned creativity scholars, respected practitioners, and passionate educators. Join us for our first ever Listen and Learn series designed for Professional Development.

Matthew is an engaging presenter and workshop facilitator who delivered an activity packed week of learning for and about student and teacher Creativity in the classroom.
Lisa Troupe
High School Teacher
Matthew is a knowledgeable, patient teacher who meets you where you are at and takes your learning to a new level. He values and validates students' knowledge and builds on it.
Charline Blatt
Elementary School Teacher
Matthew is exactly what professional adult leaders need to push themselves to learn and grow. Sometimes a presenter, sometimes facilitator, sometimes collaborator- always a supporter of the individual and their specific needs.
Teresa Richardson
PD Coordinator
Matthew's knowledge of teaching and learning is instrumental in the development and growth of educators who participate in his workshops.
Emily LaSala
Elementary School Teacher
Working with Matthew helped expand my understanding of creativity and how it applies to teachers. I stopped seeing it as “engaging activities” and thought more about my process and how I impact the classroom.
Rus Spencer
High School Teacher
I will use what I learned in this workshop. As a teacher, you are exposed to so many things it can be overwhelming, but making it about me and my classroom made all the difference.
Megan Sandler
Elementary School Teacher

Offering education services that support program design, professional development, and creative technology integration. 

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