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Teacher Creativity

Teacher Creativity is less about thinking outside the box and more about identifying and pursuing opportunities to innovate despite the constraints of a traditional classroom environment. ​Design Thinking helps teachers focus on student needs and validate outcomes through a process of research and experimentation.

Teacher Designers

We engage in a design-based approach to creativity, where educators design and develop solutions to problems inside the box.

People and Context

We want to identify the problems we can address and better understand how students interact and experience those problems.

Validate Outcomes

We validate ideas through a process of research and experimentation.
The goal is to know we’ve solved the problem. Not think it.

Trek to Innovate

Tutorial 1AWhat is Creativity?

A scholarly definition of Creativity considers the production of new and valuable outcomes and their relationship with a social context. These tutorials situate creativity in the classroom.

Creative guidelines

Tutorial 1BSocial Context

The classroom is a social context with students, resources, administrators, and various challenges. How we perceive and interact with these elements speaks to creativity in action. 

Creative guidelines

Tutorial 1ETeacher Creativity

Teacher creativity considers the actions we take in response to challenges we experience in the classroom and the outcomes we produce because of those actions.

Trek to Innovate

Tutorial 1FCreativity by Impact

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